UPDATED ChatBot Added

Instagram Comment Reply Automation

Support Dot Design
3 months ago

We're excited to announce that we've added a new feature to our chatbot platform - Instagram Comment Reply Automation! With this new feature, businesses can now easily manage and respond to comments on their Instagram posts, all through our chatbot platform.

This new feature is designed to make it easy for businesses to keep up with the growing demand for social media engagement and increase their social media presence. Our chatbot platform will automatically reply to comments on your Instagram posts with a customized message, and you can also view and respond to comments manually through our platform.

With Instagram Comment Reply Automation, you can save time and streamline your social media management, while still providing personalized and engaging responses to your followers. This feature is now available to all of our customers, so sign up today to take advantage of this powerful new tool and enhance your social media strategy!



New Copywriting Ebook

Support Dot Design
9 months ago

Now We Created New Product it's our New Ebook with name The copywriting 001 

now available for Early Birds with 50% Discount :)  

Added ChatBot UPDATED

ChatBot Updates :)

Support Dot Design
10 months ago

ADDED: Ecommerce: Phone number in thermal print

IMPROVEMENTS: Ecommerce Order view in my account

UPDATED: Language files

FIXED: Decimal numbers in Ecommerce Dashboard

FIXED: Rejected count in Ecommerce Dashboard

Added Fixed UPDATED ChatBot

8 May 2022 Chatbot Updates

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

ADDED: Ecommerce New Checkout System

ADDED: Ecommerce Delivery Methods

ADDED: Ecommerce Shipping Zones (By country and State)

ADDED: Package Summary in payment buttons

UPDATED: Language Files

FIXED: Some Bugs 

Added ChatBot

Push Notification Now Available for Our Stores

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Now You Can Create Push Notification for Our Stores by few steps 

it's free for current users

only contact us and we will active it :)


Added ChatBot UPDATED

Clear design for flow builder

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

ADDED: NVX Style flow builder (NVX Theme Settings > Appearance > Style Version Flow Builder)

UPDATED: Cropper JS to latest versionI

MPROVEMENTS: Ecommerce: sticky footer activate faster when scroll  

FIXED: Some bugs

Fixed Added ChatBot UPDATED

Ecommerce Notification Now Ranging :)

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

ADDED: Ecommerce notification for CoD.

ADDED: Live Chat subscriber manager for Instagram.

ADDED: ecommerce product single hide duplicated price

ADDED: ecommerce back button for mobile menu (based on browser history).

ADDED: Missing strings language

IMPROVEMENT: Subscriber manager - style

IMPROVEMENT: Bot manager - style

FIXED: Subscribers Manager Instagram Modal.

FIXED: Instagram Live Chat issues with some cases.

FIXED: Dashboard: total subscribers.

FIXED: System Dashboard: change period.

FIXED: ecommerce icons.

Added Support

Email Routing Beta version

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Now you don't need to follow your work email every hour

Receive your e-mail on your private e-mail without the need to open the work mail every hour

Email Routing Now Available at Beta version

Now Create custom email addresses for your domain and route incoming emails to your preferred mailbox.

  • Private by design. We don't store or look into your emails.
  • Straightforward and free. Anyone can create addresses for their domain.
  • Delivered to your preferred mailbox. Route to the mailbox you use the most, like Gmail or Outlook.
Added Support

ادفع فواتيرك اونلاين

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

تسهيلاً علي عملائنا

دلوقتي تقدر تدفع حساب فواتير اعلاناتك اونلاين من خلال موقعنا

بالكريدت كارد ^_^

Added Support

Facebook Ad Report Is Live!

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Long-awaited feature <3

Now it is available to all our customers for whom we conduct advertising campaigns and would like to monitor and develop the performance of their advertising campaigns

You can request an interactive report for your advertising campaigns 

only contact your account manger  ;)

Our mission in our company is to improve the life of your projects, so we do not spare any time in doing so and do everything we can to do so.

#Data_Studio #Google #Facebook_Ads #report #campaign

Added ChatBot UPDATED

New ChatBot Update

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

ADDED: Ecommerce webhook for orders and products

ADDED: Theme config: enable/disable PWA for ecommerce

ADDED: Theme config: enable/disable sitemap for ecommerce

ADDED: Theme config: enable/disable webhook for ecommerce

IMPROVEMENT: Ecommerce builder input number now have min value

IMPROVEMENT: Ecommerce: style button login and guest

Added ChatBot

New Updates for Chatbot

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

ADDED: Import from template in visual flow builder list

ADDED: Ecommerce builder code before </head>

ADDED: Ecommerce builder copy default lang special page to selected lang

ADDED: Romanian flag to language switcher

Added Support

Support Portal For Our Clients

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Now our client can login and contact with our teamwork via our support portal :)

only contact us and we will give you your user name and pass and start ask and we support your project

our slogan for this Stage

We Support …. You success <3

it's only start :)

our Support Portal url:-


Fixed UPDATED ChatBot

Chatbot Small Update 18-1-2022

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

UPDATED: Language files

FIXED: ecommerce floating menu z-index

Added ChatBot

Sitemap Generator

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Now Our E-commerce Store chatbot can Generate sitemap For google search console 

that help you to improve your store ranking at google search for pages and products


this feature working only with Custom domain url ( that free for all subscriptions )

Added ChatBot

Now We Use Progressive Web Apps ( PWA )

Support Dot Design
1 year ago

Now We add To Our Ecommerce store Progressive Web Apps  All Customer That Use Custom domain for Ecommerce store that can user our update 

How are Your Customer use it?

only they open your Ecommerce store and they found message that say Add to home screen :)  

Supported IOS and Android Devices  

if you have any Question Contact us